Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comic Frontline

Comic Related, a website I co-own and co-run on a daily basis, has recently partnered up with Comic Frontline, a blogger run by my good friends of Dark Avenger INC.

Comic Frontline does the same stuff Comic Related does, posting comic news and reviews and other content. But there are some features and items posted there CR doesn't always cover, and by partnering with them, we have access to their content, and our RSS feed runs the latest five CR posts in their sidebar. So it's a great collaboration.

Today, I have a weekly feature starting on Comic Frontline going behind the scenes of what we, as comic press, do and deal with. The ups, downs, trial and error, good and bad. I started really early this morning with an intro column, followed by a full entry that just went live.

The first official installment chronicles my introduction into comic press for a site called Comic Avalanche. I talk about how I got involved, and how I ended up doing a LOT more than I originally intended.

Next week, I talk about the next site I was involved with, and then I'll be talking about Comic Related. After that, I plan to delve deeper into the ins and outs of what we do and how it's done. Should be an interesting journey.

Many times on this blog, I hold back because I know people from both my past and present, and from different divisions of my life read this. I know because I get comments from some of them, anonymously of course. Recently, I think I chided them in a post, can't remember if I deleted it or not. I was in a bad mood that day. heh I just got aggravated by the "anonymous" nature of the comments.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Comics are a part of who I am, and always have been. Anyone that really knows me knows I've read comics since I was six years old, and aside from a 5-year period just before and during college, I never stopped. Even then, I'd occasionally buy a couple here and there.

So, I'm not going to hide from that passion of mine anymore. I have many passions, and unlike many people I know, I don't feel like you have to turn one side of yourself off to let the other side shine. I think there's a balance, and moderation is key with everything.

Okay, so that rant is over. I do intend to try to post here more often now. And I'll try to keep the frantic ramblings like the last post to a minimum.

In closing, please check out Comic Frontline, not only for my new feature, but for all the great content over there... if you're a comic and TV fan that is. :)


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