Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Today was a day of searching for missing garland, finding out it was in the one tote I didn't look, hanging said garland, testing lights and just having a good time with the family.

No, Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but yes, decorations for Christmas are starting to go up. There's just no time to do it up for Thanksgiving this year, so Christmas stuff will be up just a little bit longer this year.

This is all at my aunt's house, where we have Thanksgiving and Christmas for the whole family (30 people this year, give or take - it's been up to 50 or so in past years), and they go all out bringing the spirit and feel of the holidays to warm the household.

I don't always get along with my family, and I'm sure we get on each others' nerves. But I do love them, and they I, and the holidays tend to pull that out a bit more. It's a time of year we all love very much and really get into. In the past, I've posted photos of the holidays with my family.

So today went a long way in getting me into the spirit of things. I was feeling the love, feeling the magic a little bit. Lord knows I could stand to skip Thanksgiving dinner, but having missed the past two years with my family due to various reasons, health being a major one, I am looking forward to this year.

2012 has brought me a lot of heartache and hard times to be sure, so I am ready for my favorite time of the year and to end the year on a good note. I can taste the pumpkin pie and hear the Christmas carolers already!


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