Saturday, October 06, 2012

Today, I'm Not a Fan of Yours

How much bad news can one receive in 24 hours? I won't attempt answering that as I don't want to bring more on myself than I've already gotten.

Today has been wrought with bad news after bad news, and bad attitude after bad attitude. And it's only 11am!

I'm in a pretty bad situation at present, and the events of late last night and this morning have done nothing but compound the situation into something dismal. So I am not a fan of this day in the least bit.

You know, most people love the weekends, Saturday in particular, because it's a day of rest, away from the job, and they're able to just relax and enjoy it.

Me, I work every single day, no reprieve. And yet I have very little to show for it. Doesn't seem right, does it? But work isn't even the problem. I still typically enjoy Saturdays. I usually make time to watch a movie, I podcast with some friends, and I, yes, work. But my work is fun, so while it does get monotonous and dreadful at times, it's still fun work.

But when you have a cloud of bad news and bad attitudes flooding down on you on top of an already dire situation that you see no way out of, well, let's just say it makes the day a little less enjoyable.

I pray things lighten up for the remainder of the day, or that I'm able to simply drown everything out. Because right now I just want to scream or hit something. It's days like this I really wish I had a punching bag. heh

So, today, hurry up and go away. Maybe tomorrow will be better, or at the very least more bearable...


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