Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There Are Miracles

One week ago today began a very trying and scary week for me and my family. My mother went into the ER around 3am last Tuesday morning for stomach pains she had been dealing with for some time. Me and three of my aunts all had our gallbladders out over the past few years, and her symptoms sounded a lot like ours. So we all assumed that's what it was.

They ran a bunch of tests, but all her blood work and vitals looked good. They gave her stuff for her stomach and sent her home while waiting on ultrasound test results to come through.

Late last Tuesday afternoon the hospital told her they found something and that she needed to get to a hospital immediately. So she went to the nearest hospital to where she was at the time, which was in Lexington at UK. After waiting for about 3-4 hours she finally got taken back.

At about 2am I got the call from my aunt who was with her that they did more tests and found a mass, and that it was ovarian cancer. Needless to say we were all distraught. We lost my Nana and my aunt, both on my mother's side to cancer in the past. My little brother, 20, lost his dad when he (my brother) was only 3 months old. Not to cancer, but my point is he's already lost one parent he never really got to know. He was angry.

The next few days were filled with lots of questions, confusion, anger and sadness.

They ran a biopsy on Wednesday, but it was going to take two days for the results to come back. In the meantime, they drained 4 liters of fluid from her stomach and more from her lungs. I saw her on Thursday and she was mostly in good spirits, believing in God that she was going to be okay. After all, ovarian cancer is treatable and there's over an 80% rate of survival after treatment. There were a couple of times she broke down, but that was more her not wanting Zach (my brother) and I seeing her like this. She was scared, but more angry.

The doctor came in while I was there - or one of them anyway - and told us all the other tests so far had shown negative for any cancer. She did have a mass and her gallbladder was in fact causing problems as well, but no cancer yet. The biopsy was the big test though.

The next day, we finally got the results from the biopsy... no cancer! We were cautiously optimistic at that point, praising God, but knowing that they could still find something. They decided to do another biopsy on Monday just to be sure. If they found something, they'd put her on chemo for three months. If they didn't, they'd do surgery to remove the mass and the gallbladder and also to make sure they didn't miss anything.

So the weekend was a long one. We were very confident she would be fine, but still, there was that tiny bit of trepidation given they were still concerned enough to run more tests. Granted, they were just being thorough, but still, I personally wanted to prepare myself mentally either way.

Finally, Monday came along. I talked to mom Monday morning as she was waiting to be taken down for the biopsy. She was eager to get it over with. Finally around noonish they took her down. I didn't get another report until around 3 or so. The second biopsy also proved negative!

And they took her right into surgery from there. There were actually two masses they removed, and her gallbladder. And none of it was cancerous! The masses were caused by her fibroid. 

I talked to my aunt at the hospital around midnight last night and mom was still pretty out of it. So I've yet to talk to her since surgery as I type this, but hope to see her soon. She has no cancer, and now the masses and the gallbladder which were giving her so much trouble are gone. She'll be home by the end of the week!

There was a LOT of prayer going up for her. Many friends of mine who don't even necessarily believe in God, or are at the very least not religious were praying and sending their thoughts. And of course all of us who do undoubtedly believe were praying. There were many, many people praying for my mom.

We were told without doubt that she had cancer. In fact, the first doctor that saw her told her she had cancer and she was going to die. My God is greater than any doctor, though, and my mom is now cancer free!

I don't care what you think or what you believe, I know a prayer was answered, and I know God has a plan for my mother. There are miracles, and we just had a big one. Thank you, God, and thank you to all of my friends and family that sent out your prayers and positive thoughts, or just simply your support. God bless



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