Sunday, July 01, 2012

Comic Related Con

Well, not exactly, but sort of.

One of my partners in, and the founder of said site has, along with his partners in another company, Pandora Promotions, purchased Derby City Comic Con!

So, the last week of June 2013, Derby City Comic Con will continue, but under new management, and will serve as the home base con for Comic Related!

We have joked and contemplated about a Comic Related Con for years now, and this brings it to fruition.

There are still a ton of details to be released in the coming days and weeks, many of which I don't even know. As I mentioned, Chuck purchased this technically outside of Comic Related, but has teased it since day 1 as a Comic Related connected thing. So we'll see exactly what plans he and Pandora have for the con soon.

We will be recording a podcast very soon talking with Chuck about all those details.

Regardless, it's a pretty cool and pretty big happening for Comic Related!


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