Saturday, May 19, 2012

Looking for an Art Team

I just finished writing a short story for inclusion in the print edition of the Zone 4 webcomic adventure strip. It's a fun, humorous story that I had a ton of fun writing. I'm in need of an art team for it. Here is the "ad" I've been posting around about it:

I am looking for an art team (penciller, inker and colorist) for a short 8-page story that will be included in the print edition of the Zone 4 webcomic as an extra. The script is already finished, and reference for characters will be provided.

The Zone 4 webcomic is an adventure series based on the likenesses of the cast of the long-running weekly podcast of the same name. The first webcomic story, which is now complete, can be read in its entirety here:

The 8-page short in question is a full-format comic story featuring some of the friends of the podcast as spoof characters of a certain mainstream superhero team. It is comical in nature, but all styles will be considered.

I sadly can not pay for your services, and believe me I wish I could. However, I am willing to trade services if that's something that would appeal to you. I letter (Image, Arcana, etc.), design logos and of course write.

I can also offer some sort of exposure for your talents on, a popular comic news site I co-own. Be it a spotlight, interview, whatever.

All-in-one and individual disciplined artists will be considered.

There's no tight deadline on this. We are hoping to get the book published this Fall, but beyond that it can be worked on around your other work.

If you are interested, please email me at gonzogoose @ with the subject "Zone 4 Art Submission." Serious inquiries only please.


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