Sunday, December 18, 2011

Podcasting Fool

This weekend has been chock full of podcasting, and there's still more to come!

Let's see, Friday I had to edit and post last week's Zone 4 episode. Then that same day I put together the next episode of Transmissions from Zone 4 as well, and got that sent off Saturday morning.

Last night we recorded this week's Zone 4 episode. This afternoon we'll be recording next week's episode because of the holidays.

Then tomorrow night we record the next episode of RaynMan, which goes live the day after Christmas.

So yeah, TONS of podcasting going on.

Not to mention I've been working on the Zone 4 website as I find the time to do so.

It's funny, a little over two years ago we started Zone 4, and it actually stemmed from this very blog believe it or not! Chuck Kennedy had seen me posting on a G.I. Joe forum and found my blog. We started chatting and reading each others' posts. Cary Kelley and I had worked together before that and he and I started up our blogs around the same time. Jason Berek-Lewis somehow came into the blog picture with us, though I honestly don't recall how.

Anyway, the four of us became fast friends, supporting each others' blogs and chatting it up on Jason's public and private forums. I had wanted to dabble into podcasts for a while, and the four of us saw it as an opportunity to finally converse with each other outside the confines of the written word.

See, we, at the time, lived in four different time zones. I'm in Kentucky, Chuck is in Illinois, Cary at the time travelled a lot for his job and was sometimes a few hours difference from us, and Jason is in Australia. So the likelihood of us all meeting in person at the time was out of the question. Podcasting was the next best thing.

For the first few months all four of us would get together weekly and chat about comics and other things we liked. It was a blast. Jason, however, had to sadly step away from the show not too far into its life. Cary's work began taking him away from the show more frequently as well to the point we'd be lucky if we got him on once every other month. Earlier this year, Cary and Chuck both decided to call it quits, but later came back as reservists. Though Chuck has only been on once since and Cary not at all. They both have demanding lives.

We've had several other cast members over the course of the show, and other guests and recurring guests as well. The show has lived on with its one constant, me. My voice has been heard on every single episode in one way or another, and there were only about three or four episodes I wasn't part of the main discussion. With all the extras, we've done about 170 shows to date, and close to 50 RaynMan episodes. Not to mention three Transmission from Zone 4 episodes and various other podcasts I've been a guest on over the past three years.

So yeah, while it's no Comic Geek Speak or This Week in Tech record or even close, it's a lot for a guy that just started dabbling in the medium a couple of years ago I think. And now it seems to take up a lot of my time each week, but I still have so much fun doing them.

I don't get to visit with my fellow comic book fan friends too often these days, so it's nice to sit down every week and chat about something we all love. And so I'll keep doing it.

Now if only my shows could get popular enough to start making me some money...

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