Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What's Been Going On?

Hey folks out there in blogger land. My new site and new blog are still in the works, and I just needed an outlet, so I'm reviving this one more time. May be just for this post, or it could become semi-regular again, who knows?

So what's been up with me? Good, bad, ugly and everything in between. Let's run down the laundry list.

Had surgery back in March, had a rough time getting on my feet afterward. Surgery went well, I'm all healed up (save for the scars on my belly that won't seem to lose their redness four months later) and am feeling better than I have in years.

I had gained a lot of weight pre-surgery due to inactivity and other factors. I've lost 20 pounds or so since surgery. Still have a long way to go, but I'm eating healthier for the most part and am feeling good about my steady weight loss at this point.

Because of surgery and the subsequent recovery, I feel way behind on work and am still trying to catch up. Sadly, that also put me behind on bills, something else I'm still struggling to catch up on. It didn't help I got laid off my main source of income in the middle of my recovery.

Still having blood pressure issues, but I'm on medication, and as long as I take it regularly I'm fine.

I've added flatting to my work tasks along with lettering and logo design. I'm currently flatting Legion of Super-Heroes for a colorist working on the book for DC Comics. I've done random pages of Marvel and DC issues in the past as well. Check out gonzogoose.com and just-flats.net.

I haven't been to a con in almost a year, but I'll be hitting two in September. Should be fun, lots of friends will be there I haven't seen in a year.

I had reconnected with a friend on Facebook, but said friend deleted their account recently, so I've lost touch again. Oh well.

I had planned on launching a Kickstarter.com campaign for Wannabez on June 30th. An unforeseen issue halted that and I'm still trying to resolve the matter so I can get it out there.

Got some bad news this morning that has me in a scrambling panic financially. So I'm for hire if anyone out there needs lettering, logo designs or flatting. I also have a longbox of random comics (mostly modern stuff) I'd be more than willing to sell. Email me at gonzogoose@brantfowler.com if interested in hiring me or buying some stuff. I may toss it up on eBay, but I have to find the time to do so, which is unlikely.

Been working around the clock, sleeping very little (5-Hour Energy is my close friend, and it's a good one!), but a lot of the work I'm doing is catching up on stuff. Need some more soon!

ComicRelated.com has kept me very busy as well. We had a meeting yesterday to streamline some stuff and make it easier on us and give better content to our readers. An announcement about that should be coming today on the site.

Speaking of the CR meeting, if anyone in the Lexington, KY area ever ventures into Common Grounds downtown (a coffee house/cafe, college hangout kind of place with live music, poetry readings, etc.), I recommend both the smoothies and the chicken quesanini. Good stuff.

I was supposed to record a Flashpoint Files podcast today (reviewing the latest in the Flashpoint comic saga), but I think I'm gonna have to postpone it until tomorrow, so it should go live then on CR.

Recently made some changes to Zone 4, added some reserve members. We announce it on this Friday's episode on CR, iTunes, etc.

Watched a lot of movies in recent months. Been to the theater more times in the past two months than I have in the past three years! Saw Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: First Avenger. Enjoyed the three Marvel films. Green Lantern was decent as well, but not nearly as good. Been wanting to see the latest Transformers, Harry Potter and Cowboys & Aliens, but given my cryptic financial situation alluded to above, I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.

Speaking of the theater, I ran into an old friend, actually one of my former Sunday School students, but more like a brother at a theater when I went to see Cap. Good seeing him and talking for a bit.

Been watching movies at home as well - it's what I do to relax and get rid of the stress of constant work. I like movies, always have, always will.

Recently saw Source Code, Sucker Punch, Rango, Battle: Los Angeles and Dinner for Schmucks to name a few. In order: Decent, Very Good, Ok, Not great, funny at parts, but largely seen it all before. How's that for quick reviews?

Been enjoying a lot of TV as well, more than I probably should. I record everything, so I never watch anything when it comes on. Sometimes I go weeks and have to watch multiple episodes of stuff. I work too much. So then I hit a wall and just immerse myself in mindless entertainment. heh

Some of the fun stuff I've been watching includes Falling Skies, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Alphas, Leverage, wrestling of course, Teen Wolf, Burn Notice, Suits and Covert Affairs to name a few. All very good shows. Some better than others, but all quality television. I'm behind on all of them I think, but still fun when I get a chance to watch.

And with that, you are caught up on my life, such as it is. Hard times right now, what else is new? Hopefully things will change. I'm waiting to hear about something that could potentially be a game changer for me, but it's a longshot right now and I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch as it were.

Anyway, been nice chatting. Needed the release, and you get caught up with me at the same time. Been a while.


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