Thursday, December 02, 2010

Temporarily Revived

Well, getting the new site/blog up and running has taken quite longer than expected, so for now I am reviving this blog (hey Ray, did get your FB message).

I don't know how long I'll keep this up, but for now I'm gonna use this just to spew my thoughts out there.

So, I still have the gallbladder troubles. It's been a long road, but I am finally making headway into getting it taken care of. I've talked with one surgeon and will be talking to another soon. I've dealt with two hospitals and a clinic, and after a number of years now have a regular doctor.

That said, my Thanksgiving was spent alone, in bed, for 5 days that ended in a 6-hour stay in the ER, followed by 18 hours of sleeping the pain meds they pumped into me off. That was yesterday. Today I'm back home, feeling better for the moment, and finally getting back to work after a 6 day hiatus for the most part (though I did work as I could, and I worked Mon-Wed of last week as well).

Speaking of work, it has gotten slow here lately, which has really hurt me a lot. I won't give you my woes on that subject, just suffice it to say I'm looking for freelance work right now (car's down, so office jobs are out of the question for now).

If you need some lettering or logo design let me know at gonzogoose @

In fact, I've even picked up a new skill: flatting! I have flatted several pages for Marvel, not directly, but through a friend who does regular flatting for them. Flatting is uncredited, only the main colorist gets the credit, but I'm cool with that. So if you have some flatting work, let me know on that as well.

Lettering and Logo Design samples:

I've also been drawing a lot lately. I entered this challenge a friend of mine put together called the 30 Character Challenge. We were tasked with creating a new character for every day of November, and I did so and even did an extra one.

You can check out all my characters here:

I've also been putting out my webcomic, Wannabez, twice a week. Check it out at:

Updates every Tuesday and Friday.

And I letter three weekly webcomics:

Updates every Wednesday

Updates every Monday

Updates every Monday
(I'm currently working on a Wordpress site for this one, so it will have its own URL soon!)

And of course I've still been working with Comic Related. I'm the COO, Site Manager and the guy in charge of Advertising for the site in fact. My partners are three of my best friends, so you can't beat that!

Ok, that's enough for now. Thanks for all your support in years past, and thanks for coming back and reading this now if you are. I intend on updating this blog every day from now until the new site/blog is launched barring being ill or having surgery.

I'm Back!!!

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