Saturday, December 04, 2010

Odds and Ends

Well, we got our first real snow of the season. Looks nice outside, the streets are now clear, and there's just a small blanket of snow on the ground. Not enough to go sledding or anything like that, but enough to get you in the holiday mood. Now if it'll just stick around until Christmas!

Been a busy few days catching up on things after being down sick for the better part of a week. Tonight I'm not feeling great, sadly. Stomach is giving me trouble. Hopefully it'll pass.

I also have this nasty bruise on my arm from the IV needle. It's turned colors a few times. Right now it's a mixture of yellow, brown, black and blue. It's about the size of the bottom of a small juice glass I guess. I'd say about 2 inches in diameter if my math skills are serving me right.

I think they also pinched a nerve with the needle as for the past two days I had a dull ache all the way up that arm through my shoulder. It hasn't bothered me today, so that's what I'm thinking it was.

Even though my stomach is hurting, I'm hungry and have nothing here but cheese and lunchmeat turkey. I am SO sick of turkey, the thought of it makes me want to puke. I've been practically living on turkey sandwiches (with cheese and mustard) for months, every once in a while splurging on something I shouldn't have, like cheese pizza or spaghetti. I pay for it, but at least it's not bland. But I can't bear to eat turkey tonight and I won't be making it out, so I guess no supper for me. Not like I couldn't stand to miss a few meals, but still.

Today has not been nearly as productive as I had hoped. Actually, I deemed a few weeks ago to start taking Saturdays off as I don't normally have a day off. But this weekend where I was down for so long I've got a lot to do. Sadly, I didn't do much today. Just not feeling up to it I guess.

Been watching a lot of movies lately, as I always do. One of my favorite pastimes I'll freely admit. Always has been. Recently, just to name a few, I've watched The Expendables, Toy Story 3, Green Lantern: First Flight and Jonah Hex.

Of those, Toy Story 3 was the best, with, surprisingly, Jonah Hex coming in second.

The Expendables was a decent action flick starring a bunch of famous action stars. I was actually surprised to see Stone Cold Steve Austin in the film alongside such heavyweights as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li.

It would have been cool to see Duane The Rock Johnson, Carl Weathers and Jean Claude Van Damme in it as well, but even without them that was a pretty heavy offering of big name action stars.

One of my favorite moments was a scene with the big three, Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger. Willis' character asked what Arnold's character's problem was, and Stallone's characters said he was trying to be president. It should be noted that Arnold just made a brief cameo, and that scene played into that cameo perfectly with a little realism and showed Arnold is a good sport. Unlike Van Damme, who turned down the flick because he wanted to play important, meaningful roles... so he filmed Universal Soldier 15 or something.

It was also cool seeing Stallone and Lundgren face off as any Rocky fan will attest to.

So the movie had a lot of bright spots, but still, it was just a blow 'em up flick with barely a story and no great Oscar winning acting performances.

Green Lantern: First Flight was quite the disappointment, actually. This is an animated movie from Warner Home Entertainment and DC Comics, which a lot of people liked. I didn't. I thought it was more on par with what I hate about Marvel Comics animated films. The animation was lackluster, the story and dialogue was weak, and it just wasn't fun. It was cool seeing the different Green Lanterns, and I actually did like the portrayal of Hal Jordan in this film far better than the comics, but overall I felt it was a waste of time and was definitely not a match for most of DC/Warner's other animated films, which are typically superb.

Jonah Hex surprised me, it really did. I was never a fan of the character, and I had heard the movie panned so many times by so many people, including a lot of friends. And it has Megan Fox in it, which acting wise is a strike against it in my books. Girl may be somewhat attractive (though I think she looks very fake most of the time), but she can't normally act at all. But she actually wasn't half bad in this film.

The story was interesting, I liked the added supernatural elements to it, and I thought Brolin was great as Hex. It was fun, action-packed and entertaining. I wish it was about 20-30 minutes longer, but aside from that I've got no real complaints.

Toy Story 3, which couldn't be more different from the other films mentioned, was a fun romp that lived up to the previous two installments and saw some resolution to the toys' story (pun fully intended), but at the same time leaving it wide open should they wish to revisit the characters at some point.

I loved the element of the daycare and the story that spun out of that place, it was a really strong story with some interesting twists. They also hinted at some issues that spoke to the maturity of the films, but still were respectful of younger watchers.

The ending was a nice and fitting send off, and an emotional one at that. When Andy sat down to play with the toys one more time with the little girl it was a very powerful moment in the film and anyone unmoved by that just doesn't feel. Seriously, it was a very good movie in my opinion.

So, that's about it. I podcast in two hours, so I need to scrounge up something to eat. Wish me luck!

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Ray said...

I love the Lotso Huggin' Bear. He's deliciously evil and I kinda want one!
It's easy for me to say hang in there mate - I have it sait to me from time to time - but I have found that we're all stronger than we think we are. Cheers.