Friday, December 03, 2010

New Wannabez Page

A new page of my comic, Wannabez, is now live!

Yep, we debuted the printed version of issue #1 this past April at C2E2, then decided to take the series to the web.

We added color to the previously grayscale #0 issue and ran it, now we're four pages into issue #1!!

We also have a Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, both linked from the main Wannabez site (you'll see them in the sidebar after clicking the link above.

I have really been getting into the making of webcomics of late. I mentioned in my last post that I'm lettering several and I'm of course writing Wannabez. Well, It's All Related, which I co-write, is coming back, I'm just not sure when, probably next year sometime. And I have three other webcomic ideas rolling around in my head I hope to make a reality.


Feeling okay for now. Late last night got a little rough, but I slept it off. So far this morning I just feel a little like I have heartburn, but in my stomach. I'm supposed to take Prilosec every morning before I eat anything, but I forgot today.

My right arm is killing me, though. When they gave me the IV I guess they missed or had a hard time finding it (I was dehydrated, and my huge veins tend to collapse when that happens - they almost had to give it to me in my elbow!), so now I have this massive ugly bruise on the inside of my forearm and my arm is aching relentlessly.


I caught up on a couple of things last night, but I'm still behind. I'm also behind on answering some emails, so hopefully I'll get to do that today.


I'm manning the site alone this weekend as my partners will be at a con in my home state of Georgia, which I wanted to go to, but alas, I can't. John did a few posts before he left for today and tomorrow, maybe even Sunday, so that definitely helped, but the bulk of it is on me as I traded a day with Chuck earlier in the week. I think I've got a handle on this, though. Not like I haven't run a comic news site by myself before. heh


That's really all I have at the moment. I'm still gathering thoughts, scrambling to catch up with the fastly fading day, and get my butt in gear.

So, until next time, I bid you adieu.

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