Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colds and Cold

Sorry for not keeping up the daily posts, work and illness have prevented me from doing so.

I find a brief moment of time catching my wind here, though, and figured I'd toss up a quick post.

We got a small bit of sleet and snow last night, but forecasts were a lot more threatening. Since we've had a few really bad ice storms here over the past few years that tend to knock out power for days, even up to two weeks, it's understandable. But thankfully it wasn't that bad this time. I just hope it remains that way.

We only have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground, which we've had for several days that keeps replenishing as soon as it starts melting. I'd prefer to keep it just the way it is until after Christmas. We tend to get snow before and after, but hardly ever on Christmas, which kind of puts a damper on things in that regard. But please, God, just a little snow like we have now. No big drifts or ice storms please!

Speaking of weather, the sudden drop (it went down to about 9 degrees the other night, which is low for here) brought on something else... a cold! Yep, the past two days I've been nursing a nasty cold, eating soup and ice cream to soothe the throat, coughing and sneezing my head off, and all that. PLUS I have a toothache. Add all that to my more than normally frequent gallbladder attacks and let's just say this week hasn't been incredibly pleasant.

But, all that aside, I have been making progress. Last night I finished up flatting a page of Darkwing Duck! Through a good friend of mine, Lisa Moore, I've been able to pick up a new trade in flatting, and because of that and her I've had the great opportunity to work on some pretty cool stuff, from Iron Man, to Spider-Man to the latest, Darkwing Duck. That page was incredibly detailed, and it will be going in my portfolio as soon as the issue is released.

Speaking of that portfolio, you can find it here:

My duties for Haven have changed the past month or two, but I'm still behind on what I do have on my plate from them. Plan to get that back on track today and tomorrow. I still have a couple of lettering jobs on my plate as well, but I'm always looking for more!

I also applied for a writing, lettering and logo design position on a wrestling comic, so wish me luck!

Christmas is in less than ten days, and while I LOVE this time of year and this holiday more than any other day/time of the year, I am nowhere near ready for it this year. It's been a rough year, but despite the stress and heartache this season can bring, it also brings great joy. Be it family and friends, the celebration of Jesus' birth, or just the general magic feeling of the holiday, it does tend to brighten spirits if you let it. I'm trying my best to do just that.

I'll update again as soon as I can. Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!!!