Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Woe is Me

Yep, another health report. While the ears are still on the mend (the left one's still stopped up), my back has gotten considerably worse.

Well, I say my back, but now I'm pretty certain it's my right hip and it's out of whack somehow.

Yesterday I sat down at the computer around 8am with the intention of working all day, but by 10 the pain in my lower back was so severe I couldn't sit up straight, so I spent the whole day and night in bed. The good thing is this afforded me the opportunity to watch the entire Band of Brothers series when I wasn't dozing off, and it was really good. I'm not one much for war shows or films, especially concerning the Holocaust during WWII, but this series, based on a novel, which was based on true events, was really good.

In another bit of good news, my new eating habits are already paying off as I've lost 4 pounds in less than a week. Now, for those of you who think that sounds a bit unhealthy, let me assure you that I am eating three square meals a day plus snacks, all healthy, and I'd say some of those four pounds was simply water. Still, I view it as an accomplishment and I'm going to stick to it. Last year I lost 23 pounds, and gained 33 back over the holidays. I'm now on my way once again to getting back down to where I'm comfortable. Not that I look particularly huge thanks to my large and wide body frame, but I don't feel like myself. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind my current weight were it all muscle, but sadly it's not, so off it goes.

The hard part is I can't do much in the way of exercise until I get this hip back in shape.

Today I am once again attempting to sit at the computer and work, in a different chair mind you with some pillows that have me reclining ever so slightly, which takes off the pressure. We'll see how long it lasts.

I was so upset yesterday because I had so much to do and couldn't do it. This week I have things coming up that I need to be in good condition for, and I really need to get some of this work behind me before all that, so I'm hoping it gets in good order soon.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough and am now fully awake. I'm gonna eat a little breakfast and try to get to work. Wish me luck!

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