Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Under the Wire

Man, I am swimming in backlog at the moment. I've got so much to do I have trouble figuring out where to start and focusing on one thing at a time. Mostly because I have certain things I need to do every day, then other stuff that needs full days to be focused on, which I can't give them.

I'm trying to catch up, folks, but it's just taking me much longer than I expected or could possibly anticipate.

Health is good, getting back to normal. Though I had the worst gall bladder attack last night that I've had in months. I had actually gone nearly two months without one, then last night one hit me hard for about 6 hours. But I'm ok today. Been working for about 8 hours so far as I type this, and it feels like I've been swimming in place because I can't see that a whole lot got done, sad as it is. And I'm talking no food breaks, no nothing, just sitting here straight through.

Why can't I just be swimming in Hawaii, Saint Tropez, or at least Florida...

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