Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prayer Changes Things

Regardless of what your beliefs are, I have to tell you that prayer works. I was honestly feeling pretty down for the past few weeks, though I didn't fully realize it. I was always tired and constantly stressed, and didn't feel like doing anything. I put on as strong a front as I could and soldiered on, chalking it up to work.

But tonight I came to a realization, or rather an acceptance, that a little enemy of mine was once again latching on, that being depression. I've suffered with it a couple of times before, once in my teens, once a few short years ago. And so I knew the signs, but for whatever reason just kept thinking it was being overworked.

I'm not going into any detail about the whys and so forth as it defeats the point of this post. After tonight, when I dealt with yet another situation I wish could have been avoided, I accepted what was happening and decided to do something about it. So, not to be too graphic, I took a shower and prayed while I was in there. I tend to do that as it's a good place for reflection and whatnot.

Well, I am 110% better now, rejuvenated, awake, and ready to conquer the day. I'm not delusional, I'm not avoiding or skirting the problem, I feel like I've overcome it before it could dig in too deep and affect me more than it had.

So, for anyone who may have noticed a little off behavior in me, fear not, I'm all good, and I have no one to thank for that but God.

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