Thursday, September 03, 2009

Man, What a Week

This week has been a nightmare really. I've still got the ear infections of course, and the hearing is not great because of it. And with both ears being swollen and me used to sleeping on my stomach (I can't sleep on my back, believe me I've tried countless times), it becomes very difficult to sleep. So I wind up sleeping for a couple of hours and waking up. So needless to say I've been very exhausted all week. Right now my eyes have ten gallon bags under them and they are struggling to stay open.

On top of those woes, I've had demands on all sides to get this or that done. And try as I may to accommodate everyone, it just hasn't happened. I've been very stressed out about it trying to deliver everyone's stuff at the same time all while being ill. And as I explained in a previous post, things are just going to get busier for the rest of the month.

But I am not down or defeated. I'm staying pretty positive, keeping the faith, and hacking away piece-by-piece at the workload. So any of my clients that happen to read this, please bear with me.


Ray said...

Man that sounds pretty bad. Have you tried sleeping on your side?
Your health system over there sucks mate, if you lived here you'd have been to the doc (for free) and be on the mend by now. Hope you feel better soon.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Can't sleep on my side or back at all. I'll just lay there for hours. I can only get comfortable on my stomach.

I'm better (read the latest post), but thanks, man.