Friday, August 14, 2009

What's On Deck

This week has been a nightmare. I'm not sure why, but for the better part of more than half the week I was having a major grumpy attitude about everything. I was just frustrated, stressed out, and therefore didn't get much accomplished. I fell off the radar and just didn't want to be bothered for about two and a half days. Though I did do some work, I didn't get nearly what I wanted to accomplished.

So here it is Friday and I'm in much better spirits. You'd think I worked on office job where today's the last day of the work week! Not so with me since I work from home. Every day is a work day, many days longer than the normal 8 hours. Which is probably why every once in a while I have a week like this. I keep saying I need a vacation, and as soon as I can afford one I'm taking one!

With all that out of the way, there are some things I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend and thought I'd list them here for my clients to see that I am actually doing something. These are in random order, not order of priority or the order I'm working on them, just so everyone's clear.

DC Solicits for (it's that time again)
Haven Submissions (got a whole pile to go through again)
Lettering for a Tutorial (8 page project (I think) for Sketch Magazine)
CXP Newsletter Design (at least the start of it, with help from others)
CXP Button/Banner Ads (at least a start)
Black Paw lettering (at least layouts and a start on them)
3rd System #1 lettering (I hope to get at least half the issue done)
Suicide Note lettering (got to get as much done as I can, though Mon-Tue will be the focus for it)

There's more I hope to accomplish, but I don't want to overwhelm myself, so these are the things I'm focusing on first.

And lastly before I bring this post to a close, though I seriously doubt they'll read this, I'd like to wish both David and Jamie a Happy Birthday today.

Next week I'll be on point and really busting things out... I hope!

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