Saturday, August 01, 2009

Still Here... Barely

As you know if you read my last post, I had a relapse of my cold yesterday. Well, I was so drained from it I passed out about 6pm last night and slept until nearly 10. Then I couldn't get back to sleep all night as hard as I tried.

I tried watching TV, tried reading, tried taking a hot bath, tried just going to sleep, but nada on all fronts. Nothing worked. So here I am almost nine hours later still extremely tired, but unable to sleep.

This cold is a strange one. I mainly feel rundown, but I'm starting to get it in my nose and throat. But the strange thing is it gets me really wired, like I can't sit still. And when I try I'm constantly fidgeting or shaking my leg or something. But then the fever rises and I just want to pass out, but more times than not I can't. Very odd cold this one.

At any rate, I figure since I'm up at nearly 7am I might as well try to get some things done before trying to sleep again as at the moment I'm still wired. And no, I haven't been drinking a lot of caffeine. I had one cup of coffee yesterday morning that I blogged about yesterday. And I've only had one pop and a bit of iced tea, but mostly water.

Hey, at least it stopped raining.


Lisa said...

Hey Brant, didn't realize you were under the weather, hope you get to feeling better soon!

Ray said...

Hey Brant, how are things now? Mate have you tried relaxation techniques or meditation? Might help a bit, I quite enjoy it and play a relaxation tape as I go to sleep at night. I always fall asleep fairly quickly.