Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bug Has Bitten

Yes, I've still got the ear infections, and every time they seem to start to clear up, they get worse again. It also seems to be jumping back and forth between the ears at the level of the swelling/pain. But I haven't had a lot of aches and pains today or yesterday, just can't hear and it's uncomfortable. The left ear right now is throbbing a little though.

But that's not the bug I was referring to. The writing bug has grabbed a hold of me. Last night I pulled out my notes from a fantasy novel I started to write about 6 years ago, read through them, and got excited again. So I started further plotting it out and got even more excited. I'm hoping I can maintain that level of excitement throughout and continue working away on that in my spare time.

I have some other stuff going on that I mentioned in my forums as well.

Thanks to Ross who pointed me to a gig, I picked up another cover/logo design job, which then turned into a lettering job as well. Yes, I have a lot on my plate, but this was a good gig to get, so I'll just have to up my game.

Over the weekend I cleared out some Haven emails and hacked my way through submissions and about half of the solicitations we've received recently. Tomorrow will be more of the same of that.

I also managed to make a few posts to Comic Related today. I've only made a handful all week, but today I cued several, so I was happy about that.

By this coming weekend I have a full issue and a graphic novel I have to finish. Then it will be mainly work on the Haven catalog (in which YOU can advertise in at low, discounted rates right now!) with lettering thrown in between for a couple of weeks.

September is a busy month as I have something going on three weekends in a row, followed by the first weekend of October. So the next two weeks I'll be immersing myself in lettering and catalog work so I don't fall behind. So be warned, you probably won't see me online a lot the next couple of weeks.

I'll also be squeezing in Comics XP stuff for the newsletter and ads to keep that moving for my part in it.

And finally, Zone 4 is looking for guests as Chuck K. announced on the CR forums.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend, folks!


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