Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Craziness All Around

I had to take a short break from everything I'm doing just to let it all out and get out of my head for a moment, so bear with me.

It's been an extremely busy month this past month, and things don't look to be letting up yet. If only I was getting paid enough to match all the work I'm doing I'd be very well off. But alas, yon freelancing isn't what it used to be. But I'm surviving.

I've briefly explained it before, but all at once several things slammed me at once and collided into one another and left me gasping for air. I'm pulling myself out of the workload slowly, but surely, but it has taken its toll on me.

As soon as I catch up all this stuff I've been working day and night to clear out, I'm taking a short break. No internet, no work, no nothing. Just a couple of days of vegging out because I haven't been able to do that in a LONG time.

If you are waiting on work from me, please know that it is coming. It's the blessing and curse of a freelancer that there will be times when there's no work to be found, then there will be loads of work to the point past exhaustion. That's where I've been. Sadly, I'm in the phase where I have tons of work and no money coming in, which is never a good scenario. But again, I'll survive.

Added to the craziness swirling around me, Michael Jackson passed away nearly a week ago. To say I took it hard would be a gross understatement. Say what you will about the man, and believe what you will believe of the allegations, but he was the greatest musical entertainer that ever lived in my opinion, and he was a huge inspiration on me musically and creatively. I grew up on his music and his influence on the music industry will be felt forever. He was an innovator and musical genius. I am saddened by his troubled life, but I am glad he has hopefully found peace now.

Don't you hate it when you order food and they take forever to get it there. And when they do it's not only cold, but it's wrong after an hour of waiting. Then when you request them to fix it you're still sitting here nearly two hours later waiting for the correct thing to arrive so you can finally eat after having not eaten all day. And today I've been up since 3am. That's a LONG time going without food when you've been working nonstop. I'm ready for some food!!! I better get something free out of this!

I want to thank some close friends for all their support for me as I trudge on day to day. You know who you are. Thank you.

July will be rough, but fun. August will be very interesting. I'll explain later.

Alright, I've wasted enough time. I need to do something. Either get back to work or hop on the phone to see what's up with my food!

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Ray said...

Hey mate, man you seem really busy. Hope you're stepping back now and then.
Jacko was a big surprise, when I arrived at work on Friday morning last week it was all over the TV screens at work. It was a bit hard to believe. You're right, he was a great performer and his music is unfortgettable. I did a top five favourite MJ songs. Catchya