Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee, Rain and Sniffles

So it's nearly 3am on Friday morning, it just started pouring rain and I'm sick. My cup is also empty, so it's about time for a refill.

Now, any of you who know me know I'm not a coffee drinker. In fact, normally I hate the stuff. Never did drink it, not even in college. But a while back while working on the first Haven catalog I downed it like water for a weekend. I still wasn't addicted and dropped it for a long while. But tonight I needed the help to stay awake to get some work done.

I can tolerate it black, but I don't like it. So I usually put a little sugar in it, sometimes cinnamon. I watch a lot of Food Network TV, so I got inspired tonight. I added a teaspoon of cocoa, a little sugar and a dash of cayenne pepper, topped with a dollop of cool whip.

Yep, you read that right... cayenne pepper. I watched a recipe on hot chocolate using some heat like that, and cayenne pepper is what I had on hand, and it does indeed leave a burning sensation in your throat, which I like on occasion. So it turned out pretty good I have to say. And it gave me just enough buzz to stay up a little longer and get some stuff accomplished.

As for being sick, I was pretty much bed-ridden for the better part of two days earlier this week and thought I had shook it. In fact, I had woke up Thursday morning completely energized, bouncing off the walls and feeling productive. I even bragged about it to Chuck Moore on IM. But that thing about speaking to soon? Yeah, it's true. Not much long after that the fever hit me again full on. Then later... I don't know really how to describe this, but you know that feeling when you feel a cold coming on, when you breathe in and the air tastes and smells a little different in the back of your mouth and nose, and you just know you're getting sick? Well that's how I felt tonight. Right now the fever has settled down, but I still have that taste and smell. So we'll see how Friday plays out.

I am so sick of rain. Granted, at the moment, in the middle of the night, as the rain patters down on the roof, it is peaceful. But Kentucky weather is really awful and more times it's dreary than not. I so long for the beach. Even if it was raining, I just love that environment. Cali, one day I will make it there.

How's work coming, you ask? It's coming along. Covering the Comic Related site through the con, then getting sick immediately after put me a little behind, but I've gotten caught up on most of it. Just a couple of things I'm straggling behind a bit on, but I'll make it up.

I was supposed to go up to Florence for a CXP meeting this weekend, but we postponed it until Monday night and made it a Skype conference call instead. I always look forward to going up to Florence, and I would have stayed the night with Darren and crew this time, which would have been a blast. But I have to say after a very busy week last week and over the weekend, then being behind this week, the weekend to myself to catch up and recuperate is looking awfully good. Now if I can just get through Friday!

Sometimes I think I've spread myself too thin with all the obligations I've gotten myself laden with, but I still feel it's worth it, and every single one of them I'm glad I have. I believe Haven, Comic Related and CXP are all going somewhere someday, and lettering has been my door to the industry, and I've had the opportunity to work on some really cool books. So I can't be ungrateful or regrettable about any of that in the least. Quite the opposite in fact. Things could be better, but things are good right now. I've got good friends, I've got some steady work, other not so steady work, and despite whatever problems I face I can usually find the positives in them. So I'm good. Still, it'd be nice if Wannabez would sell like gangbusters! =)

On that note, I think the coffee has worn out, the sniffles are getting worse, and rain is still pattering away. Probably time for a little shuteye...

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