Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I'm not even gonna apologize for my silence this time. I've been extremely busy and still am!

This morning I finished the DC solicits for posting later this afternoon. I also finished designing the background for a blog over at Comic Related. And I recorded the now weekly Warp Wrap podcast recapping stories from the past week on Comic Related.

I am now finishing lettering the Corrective Measures Vol 2 TPB. I got a later start than I intended today (wasn't feeling well late into the night last night), which has to be completed by the end of the day! I will pull it off, but I'm having to go completely silent to do so, but I wanted to get a blog post up before I did.

I'm also producing about 5 pages a day for Suicide Note from Hard Way Studios, though I missed yesterday. I'll probably miss today as well and have to make up the difference tomorrow to stay on task.

Descendant #3 from Image is also on the slate as I have to get that complete by the end of the month at the absolute latest.

I have a few logos I have to work on at some point, of course still plenty of Haven stuff to do on a near daily basis, and various other jobs that I don't have time to list.

Compound with that the fact that I have to prep Marvel solicits for tomorrow to post. Those take me about 3-4 hours to do because I do them up real nice.

The latter half of this week I need to have my schedule as clear as I can make it because I'll be covering the site with reports coming in from San Diego Comic-Con to post.

So it's yet another busy week for me. I've got to go letter now. Be cool.

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