Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been Very Busy...

Sorry for not popping in, folks, it's just been very hectic. I've had so much going on that I've fallen behind on a few things and I'm daily struggling to catch up.

It's true, it seems I took on a bit more than I could handle, but it wasn't intentional. The way these things go with freelance sometimes is that you'll have several things lined up, but delays will happen, or things will come through early, and then you're left with a whole lot of things hitting your plate all at once and it's very hard to keep up.

This is what has happened to me for the past couple of months. I've got a grip on it, though, and am once again making my way through the pile piece by piece.

Inevitably, what follows an event like that is a long lull where I wonder where the next gig will come from. Hopefully that won't be the case here and things will stay steady. We'll see.

It doesn't help matters that I got sick again this week and am quite under the weather as I type this. But the world goes on and so do my responsibilities, so here I am.

I just wanted to give you all an update on where things are with me. I'm low on money so I have to get these gigs finished and try to find some new ones. So I'll be toiling away constantly until everything is finished as much as I can stand it and stay with it until this cold clears.

I did manage to get out and see some movies recently. I saw Wolverine and Star Trek. Wolverine was pretty good, Star Trek was awesome! Best movie I've seen in nearly a year hands down. Of course, for me Dark Knight and Iron Man were better, but this movie is fantastic. Thank goodness matinee prices are cheaper here than up north or out west.

I also saw Yes Man on DVD. Red Box $1 rentals are nice! It was an ok movie. Had some funny parts in it.

The comic strip "It's All Related" on is going well. We've had three strips go live so far and everyone's digging it.

Podcasts are also going well. We've got a growing fanbase and our numbers for the show so far, which is only 8 episodes in, are really good. Keep listening!

My next trip will be next month to Heroes Con in Charlotte. I'm hitching a ride with Chuck Moore and crashing in his room as well, and getting in as press, so I couldn't pass all that up. Always wanted to go, but could never afford to make the trek on my own.

Wannabez seems to be at a stand still at the moment. Hopefully things will work out where we can get that ball rolling again, among other things.

Aside from all that, all is well.


Chuck said...

I just want to say how much I appreciate everything you're doing. You make me feel like I'm a slacker and I think I work pretty hard.

Cheers buddy!

Lisa Moore said...

Dude, I totally understand the freelancer ebb and flow of work. Hope you catch up soon. I would like to echo Chuck's sentiment and say that you also make me feel like a bit of a slacker because you always seem to be busy. All the stuff you do at comic related is amazing and to top it all off with your lettering stuff, wow, just wow. lol