Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lots Going On

So Gem City was fun, we sold some books, and if you head over to the Wannabez blog you can see a bunch of WBZ related photos from the event. Ignore me in all pictures - I'm currently attempting to lose some weight and I hate those pics of me!

Scott and I had a good time Monday as well. Got to hang out, play Star Wars Stratego (first Stratego game I ever played, and I won!), hit a comic shop and hopefully sold them on taking some Wannabez copies, and had dinner before heading home.

This week I've been catching up on the Haven catalog and some lettering, and I'm still buried deep in it. It's scheduled to go off to the printer Wednesday, so I'm going full steam ahead to get it done.

Tonight I'm heading over to Chuck Moore's so he can show me some pointers on editing podcasts so I don't spend six hours doing that again! Hopefully what he shows me will streamline my archaic approach to it. The next episode is supposed to go live tomorrow so we'll see how this all goes.

Chuck doesn't know this yet, but he may make it on this week's episode! :D We'll see what happens when we get together tonight.

Speaking of the Zone 4 podcast, we are taking sponsors for each episode. Check out for rates and contact/payment info!

Next Thursday there is a slim chance I'll be in Chicago for a night, maybe two. We'll see how things pan out over the next few days and I'll keep you posted. Why would I be in Chicago? I'll tell you about that later.

First weekend of May I'll be attending my first ever Free Comic Book Day at Comics2Games in Florence.

Then in June there's a possibility I might tag along with Chuck and John to Heroes to represent Comic Related. Again, we'll see how that goes.

Then of course there's all the lettering I'm doing. Like I said, lots going on.

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