Monday, April 06, 2009

Gem City Aftermath

Right now I'm chilling at Scott's house in Amelia, OH while he's sleeping the morning away and his wife is getting ready for work. Last night we were looking at pictures from the con and playing Lego Star Wars on the PS2. Fun times.

Yesterday the show went ok for us. We sold about 8 or so copies of the issue #1 preview, about 3-4 copies of the #0 issue of Wannabez, and I sold a copy of Zombie Cop. Scott did sketches on the back of all the WBZ #1 preview issues that sold, which will go up on the WBZ blog soon. He also did several sketch cards and sold some of his art. So while I still probably spent more than I made, it was a good show. We had a crowd all day long, did a couple of interviews (we were interviewed by Underground Video and Comic Related), got to hang out with some friends, and afterwards several of us went out to eat. So it was good.

I may have landed a lettering gig on a small project with an industry pro, so we'll see how that goes. He was a really cool and friendly guy and I hope it works out as I'd love to work with him.

Scott and I will be hanging out today, then sometime tonight I'll make it home where I will relax the night away before hitting work hard tomorrow and throughout the month. Tons of stuff yet to do, and I see many sleepless nights ahead of me in my immediate future.

Next show is Free Comic Book Day when I'll be back up at Comics 2 Games. After that I may crash with Chuck and hit Heroes as part of team Comic Related, we'll see. Chicago looks like the next show Scott and I will do together. Hopefully we'll have the full version of issue 1 by then!

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