Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking a Day

I am beside myself today. I had several things hit me at once yesterday, and not feeling well on top of it just made matters that much worse.

That said, today I am taking a day to regroup, refocus and reflect on all the stuff I need to get done so I can crack down on it all for the remainder of the week.

There are one or two specific things I'll be working on today, but aside from that I'm taking a breather. I didn't sleep at all last night, I'm still not feeling well, and things have been tense on the homefront. So I need to step away for a minute and just release some of the stress.

A day isn't really enough time to do so, but it'll have to do. Once I clear the queue again I'm making a point to take a longer break like a week if I can afford it. But that's a ways off right now.

So, I won't be on AIM today and I probably won't respond to emails right away. I'm not taking calls either, so don't bother unless it's an emergency.

Thanks for understanding.

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