Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surviving the Weather

Well, we came out of the touch of bad weather somewhat unscathed. Our power went out three or four times through the night. The first time, as I mentioned before, I was in the tub, and the lights stayed off for about 30-45 minutes and came back on.

The second time was a flash for just a couple minutes.

Third time it was out for about another 30-45 minutes, and after that the winds calmed, the rain stopped, and we thought all was well.

About 10 after 8, right during American Idol, the winds kicked up again and with them went the power for about two hours causing me to miss AI and Lost.

But I'm thankful they didn't stay out longer than that. They came back on a little after 10pm and have been on since.

We almost lost two pieces of vinyl siding though, and may have (I haven't checked this morning). We kept hearing a banging on the back of the house during the outage, and upon inspection discovered a piece of siding flapping against the house trying to come off. It was too high up to reach so we didn't fool with it. Later in the night one on the side of the house started doing the same thing.

The last time we had really strong winds and tornado warnings like this two or three houses across the street lost several pieces of siding that they found littering the neighbors' yards the next morning.

Luckily today isn't trash day or I'm sure there would have been Herbies downed and trash scattered across the street. I was only outside in it for a couple of minutes, but the wind was so forceful and cold I can understand why the siding wanted to vacate the premises.

But anyway, we made it through and luckily in our area there were no tornadoes. I know others in other cities or even other states (like Oklahoma) weren't so fortunate, and my thoughts go out to them.

Right now the wind is still blowing heavily, but not as heavily. Weather or not we'll see anymore strong gusts I'm not sure, haven't checked the forecast for today. But as of right now I'm back at the computer doing my thing.

Oh, and my column has been sent in. Chuck, living near to me, also was without power for a couple of hours last night, so I'm sure he got behind on things as well. but I'm sure it will be up as soon as he has a chance to mess with it, which may or may not be before week's end, but it's all good considering how late I was in sending it off.

No Smallville or Supernatural tonight, so no shows to miss if the power happens to go off again. Wrestling's on, but it replays Saturday, so I'm not worried about that.

So that's that, I better work while I can, folks.

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Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

I'm glad you're OK. I hope it's not too annoying/ hassling to keep losing power.