Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Regrouped... Somewhat

Well, I spent most of the day in bed yesterday and wound up doing very little. I was able to wrap my mind around things, though, and formulate a plan this morning on how to better tackle everything.

The schedule I've devised will only work for the next couple of weeks, though, as Haven work will pick up in March, and I have some more lettering jobs coming in around then also. So I'll really have to further define my scheduling by the hour when that time comes.

For now, though, I'm sticking with loose general dates of completion of groups of pages per project. Theoretically I've allowed myself enough time to do this all. I've only been able to be on the computer in a work capacity about 6-8 hours a day tops for a while now (long story) and that's still the case currently. That should change soon where I can devote more time to work, but for now it has to do.

This schedule I'm about to post may seem light, but note that it revolves around Haven work, updates for APA and Comic Related, writing, and life in general. And it still gets clients their projects by the end of the first week of March, or a good portion of them at least, so it works.

So here is the tentative schedule for work I will attempt to complete between now and March 5th.

En Garde! (pages 9-16) February 19, 2009
Academy of Heroes #3 (pages 15-16) February 19, 2009
Suicide Note (pages 1-10) February 20, 2009
Tainted (pages 71-80) February 21, 2009
True West (balloon templates) February 23, 2009
Academy of Heroes #4 (pages 1-11) February 23, 2009
Ellium #4 (pages 1-10) February 24, 2009
Elite #2 (pages 1-7) February 25, 2009
Wolalina (Intro - pages 1-5) February 25, 2009
Red #1 (pages 1-5) February 26, 2009
Tainted (pages 81-90) February 26, 2009
Venger #2 (pages 1-7) February 27, 2009
Suicide Note (pages 11-20) February 27, 2009
Academy of Heroes #4 (pages 12-22) February 28, 2009
Ellium #4 (pages 11-20) March 1, 2009
Elite #2 (pages 8-14) March 2, 2009
Wolalina (The Hidden Ronin - pages 1-5) March 3, 2009
Red #1 (pages 6-10) March 3, 2009
Tainted (pages 91-101) March 3, 2009
Venger #2 (pages 8-15) March 4, 2009
Suicide Note (pages 21-30) March 5, 2009

Pinpoint February 20, 2009
Imaginarium February 24, 2009
Jack the Rabbit February 28, 2009

If any of these dates don't work for you (the clients) please let me know and we'll see what we can work out to shuffle things around.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me. As you can see, I'm working on a lot of projects right now with more on the way!

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