Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making a Dent!

Ok, so this morning I FINALLY wrote some strips for the upcoming Comic Related webcomic, five in fact. We want to get 10 in the can, so I'm halfway there on my part! Very exciting stuff.

The working title is "It's All Related" as it will be based around the fictional Comic Related offices. We've been bouncing back and forth tons of ideas, and these first five kind of follow chronologically some events that have taken place with a spin on them. Should be fun, I hope you enjoy it.

It will be a weekly strip, though I'm not sure what day it will be updated yet, and I'm not certain what the official launch day is. I know what we're shooting for, but I don't want to speak out of turn. Regardless, it will be soon.

I also lettered a page of Black Paw this afternoon, something I hadn't been able to get to for a while. It's the only page of it I had, but I had so much other work in front of it (still do) that I couldn't get to it. Today, however, my time working on the computer is a bit limited, so I thought I'd try to knock out some small stuff instead of trying to tackle bigger projects today. That's what tomorrow's for, right? Right?

Now I'm working on a Pinpoint logo for Alfred Paige. I've done a couple of logos for him before for War's Chosen and Pinpoint/Blowtorch: Alien Passage.

I wasn't feeling well when I woke up this morning, and I'm still not feeling great, but it does feel good to get some of this stuff out of the way.

Chuck Moore, Tracy Duty and I have also been working out the APA forums on and off this weekend. They should be up in full capacity soon, hopefully by tomorrow, but we'll see.

I've only gotten one vote on what I posted about in the previous post, but that's cool. Yesterday was V-Day for most of you, and today's Sunday, so I'll forgive you. :) But please vote and help me decide what to draw!

Nothing more to report at the moment really, just wanted to let you all know I'm picking up steam!

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