Friday, February 20, 2009

How It's Going

So far so good on the new schedule. A couple of people asked for things quicker, but it's all good. I'm currently about a half or fourth of a day behind, but I should totally be back on schedule by tomorrow night.

Chuck and Katie stopped by to drop something off today. It was great chatting with them for a minute, even if it was a brief visit. They'd had a long day and it was cold outside, so they headed on home.

I'm caught up on Haven work at the moment. I'm waiting for a couple of people to send me info and I'll be pretty much done for the week save a special little project I'm doing as I have time.

I've got to finish the Suicide Note pages tonight (they're about half done at this point), but I'm gonna wait until after Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse, and of course BSG (yep, a 3 hour block of TV for me tonight), before picking it back up.

You'll notice in my Tweeter update in the sidebar that I've got dinner about done and I'm ready to relax a bit.

I was up all night last night working since I fell behind, and got the En Garde pages off first thing this morning. Then I took a nap for about 5 hours and hit everything again. Now I'm ready to eat and watch some TV.


Ray said...

Hey man, just checking in. Been an up and down lasr week or two. Sounds like you've been busy.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Yep, pretty busy, man. I haven't checked out your last couple of posts yet. Everything okay on your end?

Ray said...

Yeah I guess, bit of a mental battle going on at the moment it seems.