Monday, February 23, 2009

Changes Afoot

I'm finally doing it. Slowly but surely, I'm doing it. And I started last night and more this morning. It will be a long, slow process in my spare time, but I'm doing it.

What, you ask? Redesigning my websites is what. I have been wanting to do this for months now and it's high time I did something about it. I can't wait until I have money to pay someone to do it, and I can't let them go as is because I'm bored with them. More than that, I'm not happy with them.

Well, let me clarify that last statement. I'm not happy with certain things about them, namely functionality, secondarily the dated layouts and styles. It's time for something new and fresh and dynamic.

I tried to get the ball rolling yesterday since it was my "day off" that I had given myself. But one thing led to another and I just couldn't get into it. Early this morning, however, I was able to make somewhat of a breakthrough and I'm really happy and excited with where it's heading.

I'm not ready to share just yet, but trust me you'll love where this is all going.

And it won't just be this site I'm redesigning. I'll also be redesigning the Gonzogoose site and the Wannabez site. The latter more just taking the basic look of it and applying that to a format that is more functional behind the scenes, but still it's a change.

And with all these changes this blog may very well change also. If what I'm going to try to do works out I may end this blog and start fresh on the homepage of the new site like my friend Cary did. We'll see how that goes though before I announce anything official.

We're on the brink of entering a new universe, folks!

As for other things, work is going well. As of right now I'm dead on schedule, so I'm pleased about that. Up until Saturday I was about a half day behind, but I'm caught up now and didn't even really have to do anything yesterday. Hopefully the rest of this week will continue to flow on schedule and all will be well. Especially since I'm about to be adding another freelance job to the mix. More on that later.

Keep an eye out for updates on the changes. As things progress I'll be updating this thread in my forums with pictures and stuff. I'm really trying to make use of my forums, so please check them out. I've already put a lot of stuff in there you won't find here or anywhere else.

Back to the Monday grind, folks. Wish me luck!

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