Friday, February 06, 2009

Another Busy Day At the Office

I've been hitting it hard since I woke up and I'm finally ALMOST caught up on all things Haven. Whew, it's been a busy week for Haven. Submissions, solicitations, newsletter, and various other things.

And now Lance is in New York for the con, as are a bunch of the Comic Related staff (check the link for live coverage), and poor little ol' me is stuck at home working. But it's all good.

In between working on Haven stuff I've been posting some Twitter comments from comic pros at NYCC in the Comic Related forums, and updating the CR MySpace page. Fun stuff.

Speaking of CR, I realize my column is really late, and it's my fault. As I mentioned before, I totally forgot about it last week, and this week Chuck was prepping for NYCC, so I didn't want to put anymore on him. It'll go up next week, and I may even do one the next week since it's been several weeks since the last update.

I've got a ton of lettering to catch up on this weekend, but I've also got to finish the APA site. Yeah, I know I said it was all but done, but with Haven I kind of got behind on the finishing touches. Basically I need to get the store working and then go back through everything and make sure it's all good. The deadline is Monday, so that's going to take a chunk of my weekend as well as the lettering.

I've been discovering some pretty neat books through Haven, and getting to read some of them as well. That's been fun.

Speaking of reading, it took me a week, but I finally made it through those five comics I bought last weekend. I'm a little lost since I missed the end of Secret Invasion, but it seems pretty fun so far.

Man, two things I said I was going to do this week I just haven't been able to get to, and I don't know if I will now or not. I was supposed to go through edits on Wannabez #2, and I was supposed to write some strips for the Comic Related strip. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

To give you an idea of how much Haven work I've done, I'm supposed to log about 40 hours a month. I've surpassed that in the first week this month! Actually it hasn't even been a full week yet. So yeah, it's been busy.

Ok, so tonight I've got Friday Night Lights and BSG. Yep, I'm gonna watch them as that will probably be all I get to watch all weekend. No movies this weekend I'm afraid.

Temperature seems to be warming up finally. It's 52 right now and the sun is bright. Nice.

Alright, I've stalled long enough. I better get back to it!

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