Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008 Photos

Here are some photos from this past Thanksgiving. As you can tell, we all love food. lol. And I've actually gained weight since these photos, so I know it's time to lay off the fat stuff!

Here's the star of the day: the turkey!

And here's my uncle Billy cutting the turkey while my uncle Matthias looks on. My cousin Chris' girlfriend, Angie, and their daughter Kennedy are in the background. You can see just a little of Kennedy's older brother Caleb in the right foreground.

Here's a better shot of Caleb grabbing some food, and the girl in the blue shirt behind him is his older sister Cameron, who is the same age as Zach and Misha, and is Chris and Angie's oldest.

And here's Chris and their youngest whose name escapes me at the moment. I think that's their youngest anyway. They have five or six, some I had met for the first time this day.

This is my aunt Anita, Chris' mom, standing in the dessert room.

And this is her again with my other aunt, Shari, who was 12 when I was born. This is hers and Matthias' house, by the way.

And this is Shari's daughter Misha in the back behind my brother Zach. In the right foreground is Angie's sister Tracy. I had never met her before.

Here's Misha again with another cousin of mine, Kristy, who is Billy's daughter. She just graduated Nursing school. Misha is the same age as my brother.

And here they are again.

Here is Kristy again with her boyfriend Will, who I met for the first time this day as well.

And here the two of them are again beside Kristy's older sister Susan and her husband Vince. Susan is a school teacher and Vince is a personal trainer. All of them are younger than me.

Here are Vince and Susan again, and on the right are myself, of course, and my cousin Jay, who is four months older than me.

Here's my uncle Billy again and his wife Kathy.

And here they are again.

And here's Kathy with her daughter Kristy in the dining room. That doll in the floor beside them moves and it was creeping everyone out all day.

Here's Jay again.

And here he is with his dad, James.

Here's a whole slew of 'em around the table. The tall guy in the sweater is Tracy's boyfriend, and the guy with the hat and hoodie on the right is Cameron's boyfriend. Beside Caleb and in between Zach and Billy is Misha's little brother Wilhelm in the black shirt.

That's my mom on the right, and of course Shari, Zach and Caleb on the left. This is in the kitchen.

And here's me and my mom bringing in the desserts. As you can see, there were plenty of sweets. And that's just half the table!

Here's me holding the dessert I made, a gingerbread pumpkin trifle. This is in the dining room.

There's Angie in the foreground with Caleb and one of the other kids out of frame. In the background are me, Jay, my mom (Cindy) and Jay's mom, Mary, who is raving over the eggless egg nog I made Jay, which you can see in her hand.

Here's me and Jay again.

And again, this time stuffing our faces.

Here's Zach cheesing for the camera while I continue to stuff my face oblivious to the camera.

And there's everybody on the other end of the table eating away. That's only half of this massive table. The kid drinking the pop in the back left is my cousin Matt, the one who's in the band, and he's Chris' brother and Anita's son.

This is the corner of the dining room. There was a decorated Christmas tree in almost every room. They had the place fixed up really nice.

And this is the dessert room again, also decorated.

Here's Billy and Jay after dinner playing Rock Band.

Bill's waiting on the next song as Jay looks on.

And here's me in the recliner playing the game for the first time. I did okay on the guitar, but I sucked on the drums. You can also see Wilhelm's face there beside me.

That's all the pictures I have. Hope you enjoyed them.

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