Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Rest of This Week

Ok, I'm going to attempt to set a schedule for myself to get a good jump on all these things I need to get done.

Today I completed a two-page short for the Comic Geek Speak anthology, and some logo roughs for a Zuda project. I also did some more prep work and conversed with all but two of my current clients I have.

Here's what I need to get done this month:

Descendant (5 pages) for Mike Dolce (The Sire) - Right now the lettering is prepped over inks, and Mike is working on the colors.

En Garde! pages 9-10 (I have pencils for those pages so far).

Spy Girl (8 pages - a Zuda project) which I have low res (some colors, some inks) so far.

Tainted (somewhere around 10-12 pages as we near the end of this graphic novel).

Venger #2 (which I've treaded water on for a while now).

Suicide Note - a Hard Way Studios project.

A 5-page submission for a Ronin Studios member, Barri.

Two Hope: Hero Initiative Special shorts for Ronin (a fundraiser book).

Finish the logo for Visionary.

And probably some Ellium.

I also have those logos for Bill Gladman to work on, and possibly one for Brennen Jones (the guy I did Urban Twist and Kitt HoRizon Films logos for).

So for this week I'm concentrating on getting some pages for several of these done.

I'm on a weird sleep schedule right now where I'm sleeping most of the day and up all night. I'm getting tired right now as I type this (at nearly 5am), and Wednesday night I'm going to my uncle's for birthday celebrations (two aunts in December, one whose birthday actually is today), so I won't have much time to work then. The bulk of my work will be done Thursday and Friday night, and some Saturday.

So... with that in mind, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this week:

All of Descendant.

At least half of Spy Girl, including refinements on the logo.

Both pages of En Garde!

Getting both Hero Initiative books prepped and laid out at least.

Now, that may not sound like a lot, but that's just the lettering and logo work that I have to do. I also have Haven work and work on the APA website I need to get done. I've also answered a call for another lettering gig that has to be done within a week for decent pay, so if I get that I'll have to push that ahead of some of this stuff. The Haven stuff is imperative as well, so a lot of time will be spent on that the latter part of this week and during the weekend.

I've also got to get the ball rolling on the Comic Related comic strip with Jackie and the rest of the Ringtail Cafe crew.

Next week I'll be focusing on Tainted as far as lettering goes, then I'll reevaluate from there what I need to focus on after that.

MegaCon is fastly approaching, so I need to start making and saving some money for that as well, so the first couple of months of the new year promise to be pretty busy. If I can just stay motivated and determined to get all this done, and keep from getting sick I think it will all be okay. :)

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