Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year, Slow Start

I seem to be a bit of a terrible funk lately. Maybe funk isn't the right word. Slump might be more accurate. I'm not down or anything like that, I'm just having to force myself every day to do anything productive.

I think where I pushed myself so hard up to Christmas to get various tasks done to get paid before the holiday I wound up burning myself out. And though I had a week and a half of the holidays pretty much doing nothing, I have yet to pick myself back up to my normal level of production.

It doesn't help that my brother is playing WoW on here all the time either, though he gets off when I really need him to. I just can't seem to make myself work. Or rather, it takes a lot of warm-up time to get me ready to do anything. And inevitably, once I finally get into a groove I start getting really tired.

My current sleep schedule isn't helping anything either. I got up at 6:30pm yesterday and here it is almost 5am now. I've only been on the computer for about two and a half hours (it's Friday night, I let my bro. stay on late), but I haven't done ANYTHING yet save posting on the Comic Related forum and playing a couple of games. And now I'm writing this blog. Heh. Well, I did do a small project earlier today a bit after I woke up, but nothing more.

You ever get like that? Where you just can't make yourself do anything? The bad thing is I've got so much to do right now. I'm hoping this weekend motivation will hit me and I'll knock the bulk of it out. I mean I don't have anything right now with super strict deadlines, but still, I've got people waiting on me. I just have to get past this setback and jump in. I just don't feel motivated to do so sadly enough.

Don't get me wrong, I will. I always do, and this is more or less just venting my frustration with myself. I don't make this a habit, nor will I. I guess I'm just still in holiday mode and I'm sad to see them go.

Another thing admittedly slowing me down is all the inspiration I've had recently that I've spoken of here. While the inspiration and ideas are great, they make me ache to do my own stuff more and more, and then I realize I have to get this other stuff done first. Both because I committed to it, and because I need to pay the bills. It would be nice to be able to just sit back and do my own stuff and not worry about any of that, but I guess this is a bad time to hope for that kind of life, huh? :)

Anyway, I just felt like rambling and airing my problems with the whole world to see, including clients and potential clients. How stupid is that?! Oh well, at least I'm honest.

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