Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday, Monday

This is an interesting day. Not so much because anything interesting happened, but just because it feels weird. I don't know, I'm grasping at something to write about, so I'm just making stuff up. No, I'm just kidding.

This is my first day back to active work and my sleep schedule is very much off. I didn't get up until after noon today, so it's a slow start, but I'll be up working through the night whether I like it or not. heh.

Right now I'm catching up on emails and podcasts as I get together what I need to get started and done today. There are a few lettering projects I need to dive into, and some logo stuff I need to get back to or plan out. I've got some Haven stuff I have got to get accomplished, and some web design stuff to get back to as well. So I've got a full plate this week. The lettering gigs are mostly short jobs, so hopefully I'll be able to take care of those in short time so I can concentrate on the other stuff better.

I'm actually going to be doing some illustrated novel logos (prose with spot illustrations throughout) for Bill Gladman who, among other things, writes over at Comic Related. That will be fun and cool. I've done those type of logos before, but not often, and the departure from straight up comic logos will be a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow I have to go look at my uncle's computer again, possibly, as it's loading really slow for the man. I'll try to use my limited knowledge to look at things I know to look for.

Caught the pilot episode of Legend of the Seeker online last night. It was pretty cool, if a little bit cliche. It's still fun to see a fantasy show on again. I used to watch Hercules when it was on. Never really got into Xena, but I still love those kinds of shows. I've seen a couple of not so great ones on here and there, but this one is promising.

I've read a lot of Dragonlance: Amber & Blood that I got for Christmas. I think I'm about 14 or 15 chapters in, I'm not sure. It's seperated in "books" or sections and each section starts over at chapter 1. I've passed the first book, which I believe was 12 chapters, and have read a few past it now. So far it's better than the second book in the trilogy, Amber & Iron. It's taken an interesting twist, so it's fun seeing it unfold.

I'm enjoying all the interesting columns and stories over at Comic Related. I know I give the site a lot of praise, and I sincerely hope you guys are checking them out. But they just have some stuff I don't see elsewhere, and all the contributors there just have a transparent love for the industry and everything they write about. Scott's Toy Related column is just awesome. I'm not a collector, but the way he reviews or previews various action figures, and with him doing upcoming interviews with various people in the toy industry or who are collectors is really exciting. Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics is writing some really cool columns that raise some important questions. Bill Gladman recently wrote on his trip to New York, which included a tour of Marvel. And then there's my column of course, and many other cool columns like TV Party, and various blogs, daily reviews, the latest indy and mainstream news, stuff from Twitter, the podcasts and so much more. It's just a really fun site.

But that's enough praise for the day.

My hands and wrists are starting to cramp really bad more and more. I'm afraid I might be developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, working on a computer for the better part of a decade, and using one constantly in school for longer than that would do that. When I write (with a pencil or pen) or draw I have to constantly stop and flex my fingers and shake my hand. My left one is worse, but the right one is bad too.

Forgive my candor, but my butt hurts! I'm not sitting very comfortably at the moment and need to get up and stretch. Monday, Monday.


Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

I don't ever want to read about your butt again... LOL :D

I hope your hands/ wrists are OK. I also work A LOT on the computer, but I seem to be OK... So far, so good...

Brant W. Fowler said...


Well, keep in mind I used to draw for hours upon hours as well. Couple that with all the computer work and it may have put more stress on them than normal.