Sunday, January 18, 2009


Found some interesting things on the 'net today and thought I'd share 'em. Hey, why not, I got nothing better to do... save work and all that. :) (I did get some work done today, though).

If you wanted to go to the New York Comic-Con, but you couldn't get a table, somebody's got one for sell if it isn't already gone.

Speaking of sales, Eon Comic Art Boards, the company, is up for sell also, lock, stock and barrel. I've already told a few friends about it, but if you're interested check out the announcement here.

Thanks to an old SBC colleague I came across a link to an interview with Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) of Battlestar Galactica talking about the final season and the reveal of the final Cylon.

While we're talking about BSG, there is a strange Lego BSG rap out there.

The annual Edwin Awards are back again. This is an awards ceremony for the Avengers of Marvel Comics named after butler Edwin Jarvis.

If you like Star Wars and offbeat comedy you've got to check out Jedi Gym on YouTube.

Ok, so that's not a lot of links, but it's a few to check out. Have fun!

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