Friday, January 02, 2009

If I Was a Celebrity...

That's a line from an NSync song (yeah, I used to listen to some of their stuff, but I hated that song) in case you were wondering.

I've just been reading and watching celebrity stuff today and it got me thinking.

John Travolta's 16 year old son died while their family was vacationing in the Bahamas. I read he fell and hit his head on the bathtub. Hearing stuff like that just brings it into reality how celebrities are just regular people when it comes down to it. And having a 16 year old brother who cracked his skull open two years ago and was touch and go for a while really makes me thankful that my brother is still with me. My condolences go out to the Travolta family.

You remember the days when it took some awesome talent to become a celebrity? Not these days. You can be anybody, but usually the kids of rich people become instant celebrities thanks to MTV reality shows. It's just uncanny, man.

I know I've expressed interest in acting and singing before, but I don't know if I'd really want to be a celebrity. I'd love to make that kind of money, have that kind of security, but the invasion of privacy is something I'm not sure I could handle. I'm a private guy after all, this blog aside.

Everybody says celebrity wouldn't change them, and most everyone that says that that becomes a celebrity is wrong. Of course it's going to change you some, and in most cases a lot. For me, I think I'd have a handle on it.

But in all seriousness, I'm just messing around. I'm bored and happened to see Cribs on, so it sparked a topic and I thought I'd write about it. And there ya go.

So if I was a celebrity, well, I'd probably have a lot more to write about!

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