Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ideas Rolling In With the New Year

Man, it seems like the turn of the year, for some strange reason, sparked some creativity in me unbeknownst. All day today ideas have been running through my head for novels, screenplays, poems and comics. It's really weird. I mean I get little bits of ideas all the time, but never this many at once. It just seems like everything I read, see or do today is creating a little web of ideas in my brain.

Whether I'll be able to retain any of them long enough to jot them down, and whether I ever do anything with them remains to be seen. But it is quite a sensation to have all these concepts floating around and intertwining at times all through the day. It does make it VERY hard to focus on anything else, though, which is a problem when you're trying to, you know, get stuff done!

My luck I'll get distracted and lose all of these before I get a chance to record them for future use. That's pretty sad when I have a notebook a few feet from me and I'm on a computer. Like there's any excuse not to write them down, right?

Sheesh, okay, I'm going...

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