Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hate Cold Weather

Ugh, it's 11 degrees here right now with a high of 16 for the day. I'm thankful I don't live further north, but this is too cold for me also. Oddly I have never gotten accustomed to the cold winters Kentucky has in the 27 years I've lived here. I guess I got spoiled as a child by living in places like Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona.

I am so ready for Spring, but of course I dread the bugs that will bring. But you always have to take the bad with the good.

As you can guess, my room is an icebox right now, so I've been sleeping in the loft and my brother's room (when he's not in there of course) because they are much warmer areas.

The other day I foolishly went out without a coat on to pick up some food. I really wasn't aware of how cold it was as I hadn't checked and hadn't been out. I was dressed with a sweater on and was kind of hot, so I figured running down the street to pick up some food wouldn't be too bad. Well, I was wrong.

Despite the fact that it was REALLY cold out, it was also snowing rapidly at the time, and so by the time I got from the house to the car my black shirt was white. And I didn't heat the car up, so the whole way to the restaurant I was shaking and wondering why I had been so stupid.

The snow didn't stick, which is usually the case around here, but it was enough to add to the cold as the snow melted on my clothes making them wet. So there I was wet, cold and without a coat clinging to the hot food to keep me warm.

I'm obviously not of the same mind as my friend Chuck Kennedy who loves the snowy winters he's getting near Chicago. The man's insane going out at 3am to shovel snow! I couldn't do it. Give me Florida or California any day. I like snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Beyond that I could live without the stuff. That said, I do feel for Jason and Ray who are burning up in the hot Australian nights right now! I've lost track of where Cary is at the moment, but he's probably in warm weather too, while Jenny, I'm sure, is feeling the cold of Philadelphia.

Apparently, however, I am as lame as Chuck claims to be because I too have just spent an entire post talking about the weather.


Crazz said...

LOL! You're just a pair of black socks and sandals away from yelling at those "darn whippersnappers" to stay off your lawn!

When you're ready, I'll give you one of my extra sets!

Jenny said...

Yah- it's a bit chilly in the Poconos. 8 degrees at 11am this morning. YAY! =)