Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Day Is Over and Has Just Begun

Well, tonight was fun. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it as right before I went to bed my stomach started acting up and was still giving me problems when I woke up this afternoon. We were supposed to be at my uncle's by 6:30, and at 6 I was still in my pajamas sitting on the couch rubbing my belly.

Having missed New Year's for that very reason I didn't want to miss this get together. And if I haven't explained the reason for the get together plainly, basically it was a multiple birthday celebration. My aunt's birthday was today, I had two aunts with birthdays in December, and an uncle and two cousins in November, a cousin and aunt in October, and two cousins in September. My birthday's in March. So the cake read "Happy Birthday to Shari, Mary, Anita and Everyone Else". It was a cool excuse to get together one more time.

Several years ago, with so much family in the area we had started all going out to dinner together once a month. In recent years that has completely tapered off, but after this we talked about starting it back up again even if it wasn't necessarily for dinner with the economy what it is these days.

So anyway, about 6:15 I decided to try to make it. The roads were bad, the car was covered with snow and ice, and it was cold. But I wanted to go, so I trimmed my hair in the back (I hate it when it gets thick), hopped in the shower, and got on the road about 7 (I was going a bit slow because I was still in a bit of pain). I got to my uncle's house around 7:20, just in time for food! They had prepared a chicken and summer sausage gumbo with relish, which I didn't try but heard was really good, and a homemade vegetable soup that was honestly one of the best vegetable soups I've ever had. A lot of my family can cook really well, and several of them have made vegetable soup before, always good. But this was especially good. I only tried half a bowl at first, and after about 20 minutes of waiting to see if it was going to hurt me I had another full bowl. Delicious stuff. I was looking rough according to everyone else even when I first got there, but I held it together. I even braved a very small piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream.

We joked, talked about old times and so on and so forth. It was fun. There were only 14 of us there this time, but anytime any group of us get together it's a blast.

We got home I'd say about 3 hours ago now and I watched Top Chef and got hungry again. lol. Then my stomach started hurting again. So far it's stayed at bay and I haven't had to take anything, so hopefully it will stay that way.

I also watched for the first time Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. This guy goes around to these restaurants around the country eating all these massive portions of food. I watched him and a partner try an 11 pound pizza, and him eat and conquer a 2 1/2 pound Dagwood sandwich in Ohio. If I ate the meats on both of those I could take those two I think. Well, before the gall stones anyway. But he also tackled these massive burgers and various other things that just made me sick. On burger instead of buns had grilled cheese sandwiches on each end, and inside was the burger patty, fried eggs, bacon, cheese and who knows what else? Disgusting.

At Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles in Atlanta, though, he tried this sweet potato cheesecake that looked awesome! Being a lover of a good sweet potato pie and a good cheesecake, this combo just made my mouth water.

Earlier today and last night I listened to some podcasts on Comic Related and read some new columns and stuff. The one that interested me the most was a two-part podcast with Ron Fortier, who is, as Chuck puts it, a founding forum member of Comic Related. I knew the man had been in the comic industry for a while, but I honestly didn't have any clue what all he had done, and this interview totally fascinated me. Ron was the first to work with Alex Ross on a comic. He also created Popeye's mother in an origin story. The guy saw Eastman and Laird get scoffed at and rudely rejected by editors with their ninja turtles concept. He worked on Green Hornet and Terminator among many other things. And what makes all that even cooler is that Ron is one of the friendliest, down to earth and humble creators I've ever conversed with. So many times you talk to certain pros online or in person and there is an air about them, but Ron is one of the few that makes you feel like an equal, and that's cool. If you get a chance, listen to this interview. It's a great one.

Ok, now I need to start getting to work. Got a long night ahead of me.

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