Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

So I watched this last night out of boredom and having already watched all my DVDs from Christmas. It was either this, Kung Fu Panda or Tropic Thunder. I took a chance on this one.

I didn't have high hopes because while the first one was decent, it wasn't great. I liked the play "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" as a kid and had seen it several times with school, but the movie didn't come off quite as good as it could have in my opinion.

I had never read or seen anything beyond that particular story, so I wasn't familiar with the further adventures of Narnia. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I personally thought it was much better than the first to be honest. Maybe it was the action, or maybe it was the plot, but it just held my interest longer. And for a film as long as this one was, that's definitely a good thing.

So I rather enjoyed this one and I'm glad I took a chance on it. I read recently that Disney wasn't going to do anymore Narnia films, and after seeing this one I'm somewhat saddened by it. Not as much as I would be to learn there definitely would be no more Spider-Man films, or as sad as I was at the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (thank goodness for The Hobbit), but a bit saddened nevertheless.

I guess this would be a good excuse to seek out the books and read them, huh?


Ray said...

I loved Lion, Witch, Wardrobe as a book and the movie was excellent. I never bothered reading Caspian but was also pleasantly suprised by the film. Tropic Thuder is a hoot, you have to watch that.
I'm deep into the third book in the Twilight series ATM. Hooked!

Crazz said...

I read the entire Narnia series when I was younger, and I am not surprised that this will be the last film. To be honest, the books weren't very good after the first one, although Prince Caspian is decent. The series is very much written to the mind of a young child, say 10 or 11, so I don't know if you would really care for it all that much as an adult.

The other thing is that the four kids (Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan) are subjected to the Menudo rule and as they get older, they are no longer allowed to enter Narnia, so we are given new characters to propel the story along. Not bad per se, but for movies, that might be a deal breaker.

I would say overall, that the series was good and fun when I was younger, but as an adult I think what you would read would be themes and ideas that you have already seen in other media, to the point that it would most likely be boring.

Chris Kou said...

Dude . . . if you want to use the poster pic, download it through your browser and upload it to your own blog directory. Don't just reference the file on my site. Thanks.


Brant W. Fowler said...

Whatever, man, most aren't too uptight about that stuff, but I don't want to offend so I did that.