Friday, January 23, 2009

By the End of January

Ok, I've got it worked out now, and this is what I intend to accomplish by the end of January 2009 as far as work goes.

Spy Girl (today or tomorrow actually)
All four HOPE stories (for Chris, Jeff, Barri and Bobby)
Empyre submission
Elite #1
Suicide Note (first 6 pages at least)
Tainted (all pages I have on hand)
Black Paw (pages I have on hand)
En Garde (pages I have on hand)

(Note: Ellium, Venger and Genesis will get attention the first two weeks of February)

Jack the Rabbit: Living Legend of the Purple Plains (at least start on it)

Haven (ongoing)
APA Website (not too much left on it actually, so it should be wrapped up)

And that's where things stand as of right now. The 31st I'll be gone all day, so I'm attempting to complete all this by the 30th, which gives me just over a week. Wish me luck!

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