Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Beginning

Well, folks, it's now 2009, at least in my part of the world, and for a lot of you it has been for a while now. I know the West Coast still has a couple of hours, but it's still close enough to call it.

So, 2008 is in the past and we've entered a new digit at the end of the 2-0-0. What does that mean? Not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things...

Sorry, got distracted there watching some of the musical performances on the Dick Clark New Year's Eve special. Has anyone noticed how much Jesse McCartney now resembles Leonardo DiCaprio? Hadn't noticed that before.

Anyway, the new year could mean a lot, and could mean nothing at all depending on what you do with it. It's another year to get older, but it's also another year to get things done. Time doesn't stand still, and there never seems to be enough of it. And if we keep letting things go these New Year's nights are going to keep coming and going with us still treading water.

So while it is just another night and another day, and just a note on a calendar (that's not completely accurate anyway), it's the mentality we enter the new year with that makes the difference. If we can really set goals and follow through with them then it could be a very good and promising occurrence, this passing of the year. It's all up to you.

As for me, there are many things I want to do this year. I turn 32 later this year and there are many things I've yet to achieve. There are goals in my life I haven't come close to, and I'm tired of the years passing by without great progress. Sure, 2008 was a great year for me in terms of progress in my creative works, and with meeting friends and all that. But there are still many things I didn't accomplish that I should have.

Anybody that knows me knows that I do put significance on dates and numbers and stuff. I've tried to overcome that to a degree in this past year as it puts too much pressure on me and is really arbitrary anyway. But I still believe in new beginnings, something that has been ingrained in me since I was child, and a new year, just like every day we awaken, is a chance for a new beginning and to do something we didn't do the day, or the year, before. And that's how I view 2009 now. Hopefully I'll follow through.

As for resolutions, like most, I've set them almost every year and inevitably failed to deliver on them. So I won't be making any resolutions. There are things I want to get done in '09, and I do have an internal list, but I won't list them at this time because I don't want to set myself up for failure. Plus some of them are personal, so we'll leave it at that.

Oh man, Robin Thicke looks more and more like his dad every time I see him... That's weird, like seeing Jason Seaver singing in a sweater vest, that's all I see...

Distracted again. At any rate, I will say that I plan on doing conventions and getting more Wannabez out there in 2009. I also plan on moving forward on a great many things through the year, so we'll see how that plays out. But more than anything I want to find a way to spend more time with friends and loved ones than I was able to do in '08, which was still far more than I did in the previous four years.

And something I really want to do more is sing. Everytime I watch any kind of singing I get the bug, and the response I got over my little Christmas carols really lifted me up, so thanks for that, all.

Yep, I'm determined to make 2009 a great one, God willing.

Ok, that's enough waxing philosophical and being all full of purpose and emotion. Let's have some fun, it's New Year's, baby!

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