Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back in Business

Okay, so the cable/internet's back on thankfully. But as you can see it's pretty late in the day, and I'm just now waking up and about to be catching up on emails. So it will be another long night of work ahead of me.

In the downtime I was able to get quite a few things done, though not all of them productive. I did manage to get some lettering completed, which is part of the productive contribution.

Another productive accomplishment was writing five more installments of my column. I only had one more left (next week's) already written, and so I took this opportunity to write a couple more, which turned into five. I could have continued writing several more with the roll I was on, but sleepiness overtook me as I approached my 20th consecutive hour of being awake. So I forced myself to stop. I'm feeling really good about the way these are flowing, though, and I hope you enjoy them as well. Everything's centered around my path to being a comic creator, but I talk about some personal stuff in my past that's revealing and therapeutic for me as well.

In the non-productive column, at least in terms of work, I caught up on some reading. First, I finished the first volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I didn't read the prose story in the back yet, but I did read all the sequential chapters. As I stated before after reading just a bit of it, it is an entertaining story and very different from its movie counterpart. There are a lot of elements shared between the two, but now having read the entire volume I can understand fans of the work being more than perturbed with the outcome of the film. The film takes quite a bit of creative license and quite the departure from the source material. While some characters and certain events were the same, the entire concept and delivery was completely different. I liked the movie, and even watched it again the other night, but only as a standalone work or derivative of the source, not as an adaptation or retelling. It completely fails on the latter, but succeeds on the former in my opinion.

The book, as I said, was an interesting and well-written yarn, but not quite my cup of tea. It's not quite as mysterious as the movie was, and neither really capitalized on that mystery element enough for my liking. I could see both works improved immensely, though I am trying to keep in mind the timeframe the source material was written in. It's certainly not one of my favorite stories, but it has its merits. I'm glad I read it, but it's not something I'd read over and over again.

I also read another chapter of Amber & Blood. I'm 235 pages deep into it now as it rapidly reaches its conclusion. I believe I have 100 pages left, give or take a few. This last chapter I read took an interesting turn that I wasn't quite expecting. I can't wait to find out where that thread goes.

I forgot to mention last night that I got to finally see the pictures from Thanksgiving. I'll be posting some of those soon for you all to see. I will say this though. After seeing the pictures I know I have to lose weight now. I didn't know I was as heavy as I was then. I realize the camera adds pounds, but I've gained weight since Thanksgiving, so I am now determined to lose it before MegaCon!

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