Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The 365 Day Project

As I was reading a post on the Ronin Studio forums today an idea struck me, if a little late. Being nearly a week into the new year, that puts me a week behind on the idea, unless of course I changed it to The 52 Week Project. But then that just sounds like a ripoff of 52, the weekly DC comic series, and subsequent series.

Anyway, this is going off an idea that I had previously that I talked about implementing, but never got around to it. So I'll explain that one first. Taking off something DJ Coffman was doing (that he got from another artist I believe), I was going to start doing commissioned drawings for $1. Like Coffman's (where he charged $2), I was going to draw anything (nothing mature though) the purchaser wanted and send them a high res digital copy of the piece for $1. I wanted to brush up my skills a bit and post some new samples before doing so, though, and I never got around to doing that. These wouldn't be masterpieces, just some fun drawings with a minimal investment. But they would all be original drawings. I probably wouldn't get a lot of offers, but I thought it would be something fun to try.

Going back to the post on the Ronin forums, it was an artist sharing a yearly tradition he has. Every New Year's Eve at 11pm he starts drawing his final piece of that year completing it by midnight. At midnight he begins drawing his first piece of the new year. It's a neat tradition.

Somehow, those two things combined struck a thought in me that it would have been cool to either draw or write a new short piece every day of the year, then possibly auction those pieces off starting at a penny or some other low amount and putting a low cap of $1-2 on the auctions. Not necessarily to get money, but just to have fun, give you all something new to look forward to rather than my usual ramblings, and to get more interest in the blog and possibly my work. It would also serve as great practice for me.

But like I said, I'm 6 days behind already and have other work needing to be done. So I'm not sure if I'll actually try to do this, backtracking for the missing days, or if I'll save it for next year, or if I'll abandon it all together. I'm also not sure whether I would focus it on writing, art, or both either simultaneously or alternately.

I just thought it would be fun to share the concepts with you all at the very least. So there you have it.


Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

It's an interesting idea, but it will take time away from your regular committments, so you have to weigh that up...

Brant W. Fowler said...

Of course, you're right, and I wouldn't do it if it interfered with anything else. It would just be something I did in spare time, or while watching TV or something. Haven't decided either way, but it's not looking promising. We'll see.