Sunday, December 28, 2008

The "I'm Bored So I'll Post" Post

Well, this is my 875th post, which should have been about my 915th post before I lost 40 posts somewhere.

Yesterday was the first day since I've had this toothache that I didn't have to take a pain med for it, so that's good. It's really calm right now, so hopefully the Amoxcillin finally kicked in.

I watched Wanted last night and really enjoyed it. It wasn't completely true to the comic, but it was as much as it could be for a general audience and still be a good flick. They kept the most important elements of the book, I think, and McAvoy was perfect as Wesley Gibson. The action sequences were great as well, and it left itself open for a sequel. I enjoyed it.

I spent about two hours last night trying to figure out how to hook my brother's new surround sound system (a gift I forgot to mention before that we found for $40) to his XBox 360 and finally gave up. I don't think there is a way with the limited connections the surround sound system has on it. I got it hooked to the TV so that it plays the regular TV sound just fine, and I got it to work with a DVD player okay, just not the xbox, which is what he mainly wanted it for.

Man, I'm still tired. I only got about five hours of sleep last night. I woke up to find my brother on the couch in the loft (he was over at a friend's house and I didn't know he came home - I was watching TV in his room and fell asleep with the door locked). I woke him up and sent him to bed.

This new office chair I got is not the most comfortable. Bless my mom's heart, but the arms curve downward and aren't padded, so if I cross my leg it digs into my leg. And the seat kind of leans forward a bit, so with the arms curved I feel like I'm going to slide out of the thing (and yes, I put the seat on right - checked three times to make sure). And it doesn't lean back far enough, so there's really no comfort. I'm at like a 100 degree angle constantly. It looks a lot nicer than the one we had though.

I hope hits on this blog pick back up after the holidays. If not, I'm not sure what content everyone was so interested in that maybe I'm not posting anymore?

I have no clue what I'll be doing today, but most likely it won't be working. lol. I may try to write some of the Wannabez #2 script, but beyond that... I didn't ever play any video games yesterday, so maybe I'll do that, who knows?

I like Twitter, but evidently I don't post on there nearly as much as others. I guess my life's just not that interesting, so I fall behind greatly. I can't keep up with all the social sites, and that's just sad. lol.

Well, I can't think of anything else to talk about at the moment (see, life - not - interesting! lol), so I'm off.


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