Saturday, December 13, 2008


As I type this I am clenching my mouth shut because I have a severe toothache. It's a back lower molar that just needs to come out, and this is the worst it's been. It's flared up a couple of times, but not too bad and not for too long. I'm all too familiar with the way it feels tonight. It will probably give me trouble for a few days at least. I won't be able to get into my dentist until well after Christmas, so I'm hoping Advil or Aleve will do the trick.

Las night I had a gall bladder attack. Not the worst one I've had, but not the mildest either. It woke me up and kept me up, but it passed thankfully.

Though the thermostat in the house reads 73 it is so cold in my room, and now my throat is once again raw and it hurts to swallow. Just days after I had thought myself over that nasty cold too.

But I'm surviving. I managed to get some work done last night and into this morning and early afternoon. And I've been looking into some other things as well.

I won't be starting those things I mentioned until next week because they require a bit of effort and preparation on my part, and I'm just not up to it at the moment.

My uncle didn't make it over to help with the lights again today, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, but cloudy, so it may not make a difference. But as I mentioned before, after that it's a few days of rain, then it will be only one week until Christmas, and there won't be much point in putting up lights then.

Tonight is the Ultimate Fighter finale. I've watched Ultimate Fighter since season one and really got into MMA/UFC at that point. I'm pulling for a couple of favorites, but we'll see what happens. I'm going to tape it as I don't feel like watching it with the pain. I tend to tense up when watching it anticipating moves and such, and that just wouldn't be good when I'm trying to relax to get rid of this toothache.

I may be writing a lot here pretty soon. Not on this blog, and not scripts or novels, but articles. I'll fill you in when the time comes. I will be writing two comic scripts pretty intensely before the end of the year though, and next year I am going forward with the novel. Jason, we'll definitely have to keep each other motivated on our writing efforts in 2009.

Speaking of Jason, who lives in Australia, I was watching Transformers earlier tonight and the Aussie chick hacker's accent really appealed to me for some reason. Could be because she's very attractive as well, I don't know. I'm just sayin'.

I've now been up for 22 hours straight. I tried to sleep this morning, and again a couple of hours ago, both times to no avail. My eyes are so heavy it's hard to even focus on the screen, but right now laying down makes my tooth hurt worse, so up I am.

And on that note, I guess I better figure out some way to relax and get this to ease down.



Ray said...

Hope you've been able to get some rest. I feel the same way as you about the chick from Transformers except for me it is British accents like Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity.
I've done my review of Twilight so you can have a peek.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Oh, I love Kate Beckinsale as well. :)

cool, I'll check it out.

And yes, I was able to get some rest, and it's settled down now.


Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

I haven't seen Transformers, but yes Kate Beckinsale's accent is among her many talents ;)

Brant, I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for wathcing my back on the writing, I'll be keeping check on you too... NO EXCUSES!