Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Here

I've been trying to catch up on work from when I was sick, and I've made a lot of headway. There are still just a couple of things I'm behind on that I hope to catch up today, but other than that everything is flowing along swimmingly.

You may notice the new banner up top. It's a PW ad in hopes to gain some extra cash through it. The buttons in the sidebar have done really well (the square, not so much), but obviously the payout is pretty low as the min. bid is $0 on those. So I've been trying to do a little more. We'll see how that works and how intrusive it becomes when it changes from Wannabez to something not linked to me and my stuff.

I've been scouring messageboards and freelance sites trying to find some extra jobs to get some Christmas cash, but as of yet I've been unsuccessful. There are plenty of jobs, but either their beyond my expertise, someone else gets chosen, or the pay just isn't good enough to justify the work. It's a shame this huge lettering gig I have starting next year sometime doesn't get an early start!

Though I'm currently working on a couple of graphic novel projects, the pay is on a completion schedule, so it's not upfront, and the bulk of it will come after Christmas, which doesn't really help me all that much at the moment. But hey, at least I'll have some money coming in the new year.

What little money I had set back for Christmas is steadily dwindling away on groceries and gas, and I have yet to buy the first gift! In fact, none of us have bought any gifts yet! Two weeks to Christmas and nada. It's hard because what my brother wants and needs will take up the bulk of what I have (or more), and so I'm not sure what route to go. I keep hoping some job will come up that will take care of it. We'll see.

I've said this before, but I know Christmas isn't about the gifts, and I could really care less if I get anything honestly. I just LOVE giving and seeing faces on Christmas morning when it's beyond expectations. It just gives me great joy to make that happen. But every year that it's been tight we've somehow been blessed to make it work, so I still believe things will work out...

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'd be doing a post about Christmas movies soon. Did I already do that once? I can't remember, but I do recall talking about a couple of specific Christmas movies, and I don't want to be redundant or bore you all if I've already discussed the topic. So let me know!

With that said, I better get back to work.


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