Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Recent Work

I figured I'd share some of my recent work for lack of anything better to post about this morning.

Here's a banner I did up for Haven. Simple, but effective.

And here's a banner I did for a blog discussing the current state of America. All the art is original digital art by yours truly. It's supposed to fade into the forthcoming white background of the blog, hence the fade into white, in case you were wondering.

Here's another piece of original digital art based on a reference pic, that will be used for a comic company logo.

And here's a logo I did for a film company.

Sorry, I can't show any lettering right now as I haven't acquired permission to yet. When I do I'll post it on the Comic Related forum thread where the Zombie Cop stuff is.

I'm trying to wrap up a couple of things today, but I'll try to post again later. I mentioned starting something on here last week, and I hope I'll have time to get that started today, but we'll see. It may have to wait until next week, or even after Christmas.

Remember, more of my samples can be found at!


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